Master of Arts in Religion

The Westminster Master of Arts in Religion is a rigorous and academically focused course of study toward becoming a trained specialist in the Bible. It combines deep, reformed, exegetical-theological studies with rich historical theology as preparation to serve Christ and his global church.

Now delivered in both a fully online and fully on-campus experience.
Westminster’s integrated training will uniquely provide you with:

Competency in biblical languages to equip you to mine Scripture for yourself with accuracy, rather than rely entirely on secondary resources

A solid understanding of the continuity of redemptive history throughout the entirety of Scripture

Deep engagement with the story of the Church through the ages in dialogue with history’s greatest thinkers and theologians in an unrivaled Church History curriculum

Westminster’s signature approach to systematic theology that is rooted in biblical exegesis and the history of redemption

A distinct covenantal apologetic that brings every thought captive to Christ who is the source of all truth and life

Biblical exegesis in the original languages throughout the entire curriculum to ensure a full embrace of Holy Scripture

Precision in how to teach and apply the whole counsel of God in real-world situations for life and ministry

“Westminster has brought me academic, spiritual, and social growth. While it started with professors and classmates on a screen, it grew to include a Greek study group where friendships budded: one of which bloomed into a marriage! Westminster has helped me to consider how right doctrine, founded on proper interpretation of the Scriptures, is essential for ministry.”

Allison k, Mar student
integrated training
The Master of Arts in Religion program combines a comprehensive study of the Word of God with practical ministry experience under the guidance of expert faculty.
Our Master of Arts in Religion curriculum is crafted to be cumulatively sequential and thoroughly integrated.

Each discipline derives its content and methodology from Scripture and therefore necessarily draws on—and informs—all other disciplines.

Biblical Languages
18 credits
  • Greek 1

  • Greek 2

  • Greek 3

  • Hebrew 1

  • Hebrew 2

  • Hebrew 3

Core Courses
26 credits
  • Hermeneutics

  • Introduction to Apologetics

  • Introduction to New Testament

  • Introduction to Systematic Theology

  • Old Testament History & Theology

  • Doctrine of Salvation

  • Church in the Modern Age

  • Gospel Communication

34 credits
  • The Gospels

  • Acts and Pauline Epistles

  • Doctrine of Christ

  • Christianity and Culture

  • Science and Faith

  • Biblical Theology of Worship

  • Evangelism and Missions in the Local Church

  • And more

Students have the opportunity to connect the riches of Westminster’s distinct curriculum with practical experience outside the classroom. Produce a personalized resource that will be valuable to your life, work, and ministry.
Westminster’s expert faculty is made up of dynamic biblical scholars who are personally invested in mentoring and training the next generation of specialists in the Bible.
Alfred Poirier
Pastoral Theology
Rob Edwards
Pastoral Theology
John Currie
Pastoral Theology
Scott Oliphint
Iain Duguid
Old Testament
David Garner
Systematic Theology
Vern Poythress
Systematic Theology
Brandon Crowe
New Testament
Jonathan Gibson
Old Testament
Todd Rester
Church History
Stephen Coleman
Old Testament
Elizabeth Groves
Old Testament
Mark Garcia
Systematic Theology
Peter Lillback
Church History

The Master of Arts in Religion will equip you to serve in a wide range of contexts.


Cross-cultural missions

Continuing academic scholarship

Teaching & Professorship

Bible Translation

Vocational ministry

Writing & Publishing


To better equip the global church, Westminster offers the Master of Arts in Religion online or on-campus.

world iconvideo meeting on phone

A better way to learn online, for when you need to stay.

Greater flexibility that fits your life.

Engaging and innovative classroom environment.

Easy-to-use technology connects you to a global community.

Immediate application in life and ministry.


Deep community and discipleship through shared daily life.

Programs intentionally crafted for ministry preparation and deep academic study.

Unparalleled access to expert faculty who are invested in your life and ministry.

Life-on-life fellowship in a diverse and like-minded community.

Communal rhythms of prayer and worship woven into all areas of campus life.

students singingprofessor teaching classthree students studying at tablelocation icon
The MAR equipped me with the tools I needed to be able to rightly exegete the Scriptures for my parish. I use the skills I learned at WTS every day in my ministry.
Brian Oldfield, MAR 2016
Being grounded in this vision for God’s glory and majesty as it has been revealed in Christ changed the way I think about the Scriptures and naturally overflows into my teaching at my church.
Jackie Gober, MAR 2018
Westminster's curriculum displays a rigorous consistency that performs its commitment to Scripture and the Reformed standards.
Nathaniel Gray Sutanto, MAR 2015
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Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take me to complete my degree?

The MAR can be completed in two to three years. You can also complete your coursework on a part-time schedule, with the requirement that all credits are completed within 10 years. Contact our admissions team to discuss your goals and determine the right pace for you.

What are the differences between online and on-campus formats?

All class formats deliver the same high-quality course material taught by our faculty. On-campus programs require students to take courses at our campus in Glenside, Pennsylvania. Online programs deliver courses through state-of-the-art digital platforms and are designed to be more flexible with scheduling.

Are there any scholarships for the online MAR?

Our vision is to make Westminster‘s online programs both accessible and affordable for the global church. While scholarships are not yet available for online programs, we are raising funds to offer them soon. In the meantime, we encourage all students to seek support from their local church and ministry network, and apply to outside scholarship opportunities. Contact our admissions team for more information.

Can an online student take residential classes?

Yes, pending seat availability.

Can I audit online courses?

No, auditing is currently not available.

Where can I find answers to my other questions?

We are here to help. Please fill out a contact form or reach us at 267-579-2366.

What scholarships are available for the mar degree?

Limited scholarships are available to new students. Learn more by visiting our tuition and financial aid page.

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