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The Doctor of Ministry is the highest professional degree available for gospel ministry. It aims to sharpen leaders in ministry with the convictions, character, and competencies to be able to transmit the faith for generations to come.

The Doctor of Ministry program offers specialization in four fields: Preaching, Leadership, Pastoral Care & Counseling, and Evangelism & Missions
Westminster's integrated training will enhance your ability to:

Deepen theological reflection to strengthen the relationship between doctrine and the practice of ministry

Defend the Christian faith in a manner consistent with the Scriptures.

Teach and apply the whole counsel of God in real-world situations in life and ministry.

Demonstrate biblical principles of leadership in order to serve the church humbly and effectively.

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“The DMin program at Westminster continues to be a blessing in my life and ministry. I wanted to work out some of my convictions and concerns in a solid context theologically and practically. I found it at Westminster. I was pushed to make sure I was well grounded and had something of substance to bring to the church. It was hard but well worth the investment.”

Jerry McFarland,
Dean of Online Students, Westminster Theological Seminary
integrated training
The Doctor of Ministry program combines deep theological study with practical ministry application under the guidance of expert faculty.
Our curriculum is crafted to be cumulatively sequential and thoroughly integrated.

Each discipline derives its content and methodology from Scripture and therefore necessarily draws on—and informs—all other disciplines.

Core Courses
3 courses

Three Core Modules—focusing on biblical theology, the Westminster Confession, and covenantal apologetics—emphasize the application of Westminster’s theological distinctives to the practice of ministry.

Foundation Courses
2 courses

Foundations modules are dedicated to strengthening and sharpening students with the foundational theological principles and best practices for effective ministry in each discipline: preaching, leadership, pastoral care and counseling, and evangelism and missions.

3 courses

Students can take up to 3 electives in other areas of concentration or other unique DMin courses offered.

The program culminates in the completion of the applied research project, through which the student is expected to demonstrate mastery in a particular area of pastoral theology. Identifying a problem, question, or topic; proposing and applying a ministry model; and evaluating that model are essential ingredients of the project. This work must be set upon a biblical foundation, taking into account both historical precedents and contemporary influences on the area in view.
Westminster’s expert faculty is made up of dynamic biblical scholars who are personally invested in mentoring and training the next generation of specialists in the Bible.
Scott Oliphint
Chad Van Dixhoorn
Church History
Harry Reeder
Pastoral Theology
David Garner
Systematic Theology
John Currie
Pastoral Theology
Alfred Poirier
Pastoral Theology

The Doctor of Ministry will prepare you to serve in a wide range of contexts.


Church pastorate

Christian education

Christian pastoral care and counseling

Vocational ministry

Cross-cultural missions

Christian education


To better equip the global church, Westminster offers the Master of Divinity online, on-campus, or through a hybrid experience you design.

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A better way to learn online, for when you need to stay.

Flexible programs that fit your life.

Engaging and innovative classroom environment.

Easy-to-use technology connects you to a global community.

Immediate application in life and ministry.

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Deep community and discipleship through shared daily life.

Programs intentionally crafted for ministry preparation and deep academic study.

Unparalleled access to expert faculty who are invested in your life and ministry.

Life-on-life fellowship in a diverse and like-minded community.

Communal rhythms of prayer and worship woven into all areas of campus life.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I afford a Westminster DMin?

Yes! Westminster has developed a unique program for personally assisting qualified DMin candidates with financial aid. We will work with you to help you afford a Westminster DMin.

What qualifications are needed to apply?

Westminster’s DMin is a rigorous professional degree program designed to deepen the theology and sharpen the skills of those engaged in full-time ministry. Applicants must normally have a minimum of three years of full-time pastoral ministry or Christian service experience and an MDiv that included Greek and Hebrew training. Recommendations from ministry mentors are also a significant factor and are carefully considered.

How long is the DMin program?

The DMin program consists of eight modular courses plus an applied research project. The program is designed to be completed in as little as three years, though most students take four to five years. The maximum program length is six years.

What concentrations are available for the DMin program?

The Westminster DMin program offers four tracks of study, with dedicated theological foundations courses for each: Preaching, Leadership, Pastoral Care & Counseling, and Evangelism & Missions. Students can further narrow their field of study in the context of their applied research project.

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