Korean Master of Arts in Theological Studies

The Korean Master of Arts in Theological Studies equips non-vocational ministry professionals and ministry leaders with a strong theological foundation, enabling them to serve with confidence and apply Scriptural truths to their life, work, and ministry.

Westminster’s integrated training will prepare you to:

Engage with key theology truths to understand the relationship of God, humankind, and creation.

Gain a holistic understanding of Scripture, the person and work of Christ, the characteristics of God, and the development of doctrine throughout church history.

Winsomely and effectively apply theological truths to personal professional or ministry contexts.

Demonstrate biblical principles of leadership in order to serve humbly and effectively.

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"The contents of the course enabled me to find an insight and connection that I can better serve my church congregation."

Rev. Soung Ju Kim
Suwon Seobu Presbyterian Church, Associate Pastor
integrated training
The Korean Master of Arts in Theological Studies program combines the study of theological foundations with practical application under the guidance of expert faculty and instructors.
Our curriculum is crafted to be cumulatively sequential and thoroughly integrated.

Each discipline derives its content and methodology from Scripture and therefore necessarily draws on—and informs—all other disciplines.

Core Courses
10 Courses
  • Old Testament Survey

  • New Testament Survey

  • Principles of Biblical Interpretation

  • Introduction to Systematic Theology

  • Introduction to Apologetics

  • History of Christianity I or II

  • Doctrine of God

  • Union with Christ

  • Old Testament for Application

  • New Testament for Application

2 courses
  • Biblical Theology of Worship

  • Christianity and Culture

  • History of Christianity I or II

  • Science and Faith

Students will demonstrate their knowledge of theological disciplines and their understanding of their importance for matters of life and ministry through the completion of a summative evaluation. Students may complete one of the following to fulfill this requirement: Comprehensive Exam, Integrative Paper, Capstone Project.
Westminster’s expert faculty is made up of dynamic biblical scholars who are personally invested in mentoring and training the next generation of specialists in the Bible.
Iain Duguid
Old Testament
David Garner
Systematic Theology
Vern Poythress
Systematic Theology
Brandon Crowe
New Testament
Jonathan Gibson
Old Testament
Richard Gaffin
Systematic Theology
Sinclair Ferguson
Systematic Theology

Our online courses leverage innovative technology and high-quality production to deliver excellent content in engaging formats.

The Korean Master of Arts in Theological Studies will prepare you to serve in a wide range of contexts.


Business leadership

Non-profit administration

Pastoral & church ministry

Non-ministry professionals

Church deaconship & eldership

Cross-cultural missions


To better equip the global church, Westminster offers the Korean Master of Arts in Theological Studies fully online.

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A better way to learn online, for when you need to stay.

Greater flexibility that fits your life.

Engaging and innovative classroom environment.

Easy-to-use technology connects you to a global community.

Immediate application in life and ministry.

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Deep community and discipleship through shared daily life.

Programs intentionally crafted for ministry preparation and deep academic study.

Unparalleled access to expert faculty who are invested in your life and ministry.

Life-on-life fellowship in a diverse and like-minded community.

Communal rhythms of prayer and worship woven into all areas of campus life.

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Our online programs are designed to fit your schedule. Complete courses at your own pace and start your degree during any of our four entrance terms.


Winter Term

10 weeks | Monday, 1st week of January


Spring Term

10 weeks | Monday, 3rd, or 4th week of March


Summer Term

10 weeks | Monday, 3rd week of June


Fall Term

10 weeks | Monday, 4th week of September

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Korean Theological Studies Certificate

Not ready to commit to a full degree? Westminster now offers two distinct Korean certificate options, comprising four of our graduate-level courses from the KMATS program.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will the KMATS prepare me to become an ordained pastor?

This program is designed for Christians who are leaders within and outside of the church who want an introduction to the core aspects of their Christian faith and its relevance to their life and work. Those considering pastoral ordination should consider Westminster's MDiv degrees.

Is the KMATS an accredited program?

The KMATS program is identified with the MATS program by the accreditation organization, is accredited by both the Middle States Commission on Higher Education and the Association of Theological Schools.

How does my degree state in diploma?

Westminster Theological Seminary awards degrees by the Pennsylvannia Charter, which was financed and amended in 1930, with the recommendation of faculty members and the approval of the Board of Directors. The Master of Arts in Theological Studies (MATS) is accredited by ATS (Association of Theological Schools) as well as other degree programs and by completing the Korean MATS, you will be awarded the same degree as English MATS program.

What does the online course look like?

The video lectures are available for you to watch every week on your desired time. The offering Q&A sessions are in real-time and you are given various different times to choose on your convenience.

What is the certificate program and what are the admissions requirements?

Westminster now offers two distinct certificate options (Foundations of Theology Certificate and Christ-Centered Biblical Interpretation), with each certificate comprising four of our graduate-level courses from the KMATS program. The admission requirements for certificate students are the same with the KMATS program.

Does the credits from the KMATS course transfer to WTS Master of Divinity program?

The credits from KMATS can be transferred once your admission to Master of Divinity is approved. You are required to submit the Transfer Credit Request Form and it will be reviewed by the Academic Committee. The following KMATS courses can be requested for transfer credit:

  • Introduction to Systematic Theology

  • Introduction to Apologetics

  • Doctrine of God

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