New Unio cum Christo Journal and Event

November 11, 2015

Unio cum Christo is a new, international, Reformed journal with articles, interviews, and book reviews. The journal is led by an extensive, international editorial board of scholars, and is published jointly by Westminster Theological Seminary and International Reformed Evangelical Seminary (Jakarta, Indonesia).

The mission of the journal is to be an international scholarly and practical journal for the global Reformed community, including churches, seminaries, theologians, and pastors. It serves to encourage deeper fellowship among the international Reformed community, and to support small and isolated Reformed witnesses in minority missional situations. Its contributors represent leading theologians, developing scholars, practicing missionaries, pastors, and evangelists.

The first issue, “The Global Witness in the Reformed Faith,” is available for free online upon request at the journal’s website.

The Public Launch Event

Westminster Theological Seminary hosted an event on campus on Tuesday, October 20th in celebration of the launch of the journal. Keynote speakers included Dr. Bruce Gordon from Yale Divinity School and Dr. Carl Trueman from Westminster Theological Seminary. Paul Wells, editor-in-chrief, introduced the project.

Watch the presentations online.

See the journal website for more information and to subscribe.

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