Comprehensive preparation for an ever-changing world.

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Ministry is not one-dimensional—so neither can be your preparation.

Westminster incorporates deep study with relational investment across the facets of ministry and calling. Through this integrated approach, you will catalyze lifelong formation and connections that can sustain you for a lifetime of ministry.

Westminster aims to equip leaders with integrated training that connects:


––––––– Physical & Digital

Bridging the gap between a physical campus and online platforms ensures every corner of the global church can be trained with excellence.

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Campus Experience

Westminster’s campus is located in Glenside, Pennsylvania, just outside of Philadelphia. Campus life offers the opportunity for the kind of deep community and discipleship that comes through sharing daily life.

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Online Experience

Online programs also provide platforms for intentional connection with peers and instructors. Through robust digital platforms, you will be connected with diverse and experienced peers that meet together regularly online.

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––––––– Mind & Practice

Integrating instruction of the mind with practical training and residency experiences aims to enable readiness for all roles and stages of ministry.

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Degree Programs

Because Scripture is profound, the demands of ministry are profound, and the needs of the global church are profound, so must be our preparation. Our degree programs aim to equip you with the academic and practical tools necessary for a lifetime of scholarship or ministry.

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Ministry Experience

An integral part of your preparation is practical training for Christian praxis in church and society. Our degree programs prepare you for future life beyond the classroom by getting you out of the classroom during your time here. Through ministry practicums, intentional discipleship, and field excursions, you will experience what it means to be a minister of the gospel in a multitude of facets and roles. 


––––––– Truth & Love

Pairing a deep knowledge of theological truths with the call to sacrificial love encourages students to draw near to God and each other.

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Our Mission & Values

Westminster is committed to Scripture and to the systematic exposition of biblical truth reflected in the Reformed tradition. These commitments undergird each degree program we offer.

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Student Experience

Through online and in-person opportunities for fellowship, prayer, and worship, Westminster aims to help you grow in spiritual maturity, Christ-like character, and servant leadership.

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––––––– Near & Far

Reinforcing deep commitment to both the local and global church expands understanding of God and his work throughout the world.


alumni presently serve churches in over 50 countries


alumni presently teach as professors at schools around the world


alumni have founded and led schools and seminaries across the globe
Student & Alumni Preparing for Far Greater:
Bringing renewal and Reformed theology to the Hispanic church:

“My classes at Westminster are giving me confidence in the Bible’s authority as God’s Word. I pray God will grant me the opportunity to bring sound Reformed teaching and preaching to the Hispanic church in a way that spreads his kingdom and brings revival.”

Roman student
Román González Pérez, MDiv, ’21
Villahermosa, Tabasco, Mexico
Ministering to the Korean church:

“I was first drawn to Westminster because they take seriously the biblical mandate to disciple the nations. Westminster doesn't just pursue this in theory; it draws students from all over the world who will return to their home countries to make a God-honoring impact on their countrymen. I believe God is calling me to use the theological foundation gained at Westminster to serve God’s kingdom among the Korean church.”

Abe student
Abram “Abe” Go, MDiv, ‘21
South korea
Launching a biblical counseling movement in South Asia:

"I came to Westminster with the goal of providing better care to people with mental health needs. Westminster has given me tools to dig deeper into the riches of Scripture and also see how it can be used to counsel and care for others. My love for Christ has deepened, my thirst for God’s Word has increased, and my mindset for ministry has expanded.”

“Dr. Luke” (pseudonym), MDiv, Biblical Counseling, ‘19
South Asia
Pastoring a local church while also supporting church health nationwide:

"I have been profoundly shaped by the Westminster training I received. I gained a high view of the church and pastoral ministry, modeled by the consistent examples of leadership and expository preaching by my professors. This continues to spur me in my ministry vision today.”

Harry Reeder
Rev. Dr. Harry Reeder, MDiv, ‘82
Birmingham, Alabama, USA

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