Personalized support in all areas of life and study.

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At Westminster, we aim to create a caring and supportive environment to help you thrive  scholastically, relationally, and spiritually.

Whether you study on-campus or online, Westminster’s integrated experience connects all areas of your scholastic, relational, and spiritual life to provide you with holistic preparation for wherever God’s call takes you.


At Westminster, each student is known and prayed for by name. The Student Support team’s dedicated focus is to care for you throughout your time at Westminster.

Jackie Gober
Associate director of student success

"It is a privilege getting to walk alongside our students and advocate for them as they navigate their programs. I enjoy hearing from our students and learning how I (and the seminary) can serve them!"

Rob Edwards
Dean of students

“I could listen to students tell their stories for hours. I am constantly encouraged to see how God is raising up a new army of heralds of the Gospel.”

Jerry McFarland
Jerry McFarland
Dean of ONLINE students

“I absolutely love being a voice of encouragement into the lives of the students God brings to us. These new brothers and sisters are a rich reminder of the beauty of the body of Christ and if I’m honest they are a major catalyst in my own walk with Jesus.”

Karin Duessing
Karin Deussing
Associate dean of students

“Blessing is invariably mine to listen to and pray with students and point them to the help Jesus amply provides them and me.”

Makayla Meckes
Student Support Specialist

"It is an immense blessing to serve students who are striving to fulfill their calling to proclaim the glory of Christ to His church around the world!"

Jeff Baird
Jeff Baird
Manager of Student Success, MAC, and MATS

“I desire to provide students with academic and spiritual support that will enable them to maximize their education in order to increase fruitfulness in life and ministry.”

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Access to unparalleled scholars who  prioritize knowing and serving students.

High degree of student-to-student support through peer study groups and online forums.

Demanding coursework that expands your awe at the depth and beauty of Scripture.

Engaging online videos make class materials come alive.

Intentionally integrated curriculum designed to immediately impact your life and ministry.


Friendship and community cultivated through student fellowship groups, campus worship, weekly faculty-student lunches and gatherings.

Personalized care for you and your family throughout the seminary experience.

Intentional discipleship by faculty, deans, and instructors invested in your life and ministry.

Monthly Online Coffee House gatherings for face-to-face encouragement from deans and peers.

Around-the-clock support from our dedicated and passionate Student Support team.

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Faculty that integrate academic and spiritual formation to develop Christ-like character and ministry preparedness.

Times of prayer and worship interwoven into the classroom experience.

Communal worship prioritized through campus-wide pause for weekly chapel.

Deans regularly pray for each student by name.

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rudy Heuer
MDiv, class of 2023
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Pavlos son
MDiv, class of 2021
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MDiv, class of 2023
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raja paulraj
MDiv, class of 2019
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chase daws
MDiv, class of 2017
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isaac Wanjala
MDiv, class of 2021

A Connected Location

Whether you study online or on-campus, you are connected to our Glenside, Pennsylvania campus home. The Westminster campus is located in close proximity to urban, cultural, and recreational sites.

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