Master of Divinity
in Pastoral Ministry

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Pastors are called to proclaim God’s Word in a manner that is pure and clear and strong.

“The angels preparing to sound the trumpets. That is what Cotton Mather calls you, students for the ministry: the angels, preparing to sound the trumpets! Take the name to yourselves, and live up to it. Give your days and nights to living up to it! And then, perhaps, when you come to sound the trumpets the note will be pure and clear and strong, and perchance may even pierce even to the grave and wake the dead.”

B. B. Warfield
B.B. Warfield

The call of the pastor is profound—and the robust training of pastors has been central to Westminster’s mission since our founding. From preaching in the pulpit to comforting the suffering and evangelizing the lost, the work of pastoring carries deep responsibility with eternal impact. The global church needs pastors prepared to answer the call.


Westminster’s new flagship Master of Divinity in Pastoral Ministry is the most holistic program available toward preparing the next generation of pastors. Our academically rigorous and highly relational training prepares pastors to shepherd with both truth and love.

Westminster’s new MDiv in Pastoral Ministry will uniquely provide you with:

The tools and skills to preach Christ effectively from all of Scripture

Cultivation of your leadership gifts through placement in pastoral internships with experienced pastors in the Westminster tradition

Field experiences that will take you around the globe, from Israel to London and into the studies of seasoned pastors

Careful training in the skill of counseling using the divine and transforming wisdom of Scripture

Competency in biblical languages to equip you to mine Scripture for yourself with accuracy, rather than rely entirely on secondary resources

A solid understanding of the continuity of redemptive history throughout the entirety of Scripture

Deep engagement with the story of the Church through the ages in dialogue with history’s greatest thinkers and theologians in an unrivaled Church History curriculum

Westminster’s signature approach to systematic theology that is rooted in biblical exegesis and the history of redemption

A distinct covenantal apologetic that brings every thought captive to Christ who is the source of all truth and life

Biblical exegesis in the original languages throughout the entire curriculum to ensure a full embrace of Holy Scripture

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Student mentorship by our professors is the heart of our pastoral training.

80% of classes at 25 or fewer

Small group lunches with faculty twice a week

Monthly cohort meals in faculty homes and other venues

On-location learning experiences in centers strategic for the history of the church

Over 400 hours of focused mentoring from pastors who have modeled the best of Westminster’s theology in practice

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“It is actually somewhat breathtaking to see how the marriage of the time tested, Biblically based excellence of the Westminster curriculum with the enhancement of Westminster distinctives communicated through faculty mentoring and ministry experiences will produce Christ-exalting, God-glorifying and Spirit-filled pastor-preachers for Christ’s church.”

Senior Pastor at Briarwood Presbyterian Church
integrated training
The Master of Divinity in Pastoral Ministry program provides integrated training through three strategic methods.
Our curriculum is crafted to be cumulatively sequential and thoroughly integrated.

Each discipline derives its content and methodology from Scripture and therefore necessarily draws on—and informs—all other disciplines.

Biblical Languages
18 credits
  • Greek 1

  • Greek 2

  • Greek 3

  • Hebrew 1

  • Hebrew 2

  • Hebrew 3

Biblical Studies
32 credits
  • Hermeneutics

  • Intro to New Testament

  • Intro to Old Testament

  • OT History & Theology 1

  • OT History & Theology 2

  • Prophetical Books

  • Poetry and Wisdom

  • The Gospels

  • Acts and Pauline Epistles

  • Hebrews to Revelation

Systematic Theology
16 credits
  • Introduction to Systematic Theology

  • Doctrine of God

  • Doctrine of Man

  • Doctrine of Christ

  • Doctrine of the Church

  • Doctrine of Salvation

Covenantal Apologetics
6 credits
  • Introduction to Apologetics

  • Principles of Christian Apologetics

Church History
11 credits
  • Ancient Church

  • Medieval Church

  • The Reformation

  • Church in the Modern Age

Pastoral Theology
26 credits
  • Introduction to Pastoral Theology and Ministry

  • Introduction to Pastoral Counseling

  • Theology and Practice of Preaching

  • Theology of Evangelism and Missions

  • Evangelism and Missions in the Local Church

  • Marriage Counseling

  • Christian Ethics

  • Peacemaking Pastor

  • Foundations of Leadership

  • Practices of Leadership

  • Expository Preaching from the New Testament

  • Expository Preaching from the Old Testament

  • Exposition & Sermon Delivery

Life-on-life faculty mentorship is the heart of our pastoral training.

Our expert faculty are personally invested in helping you prepare for life and ministry as a pastor.

Mentoring opportunities include:

2x per week small group lunches with faculty

Monthly cohort meals in faculty homes

“Coffee Tab” for impromptu meetings

Travel with faculty in field experiences

Deepen your training through real-life ministry experiences with peers, faculty, and mentors.

Each student will have the opportunity to participate in educational travel and service opportunities near and far.

Opportunities include:

Princeton Tour

Urban Ministry / Campus Ministry

Mission Field Trip with Faculty

Local Church Covenant

Pulpit Supply Program (Year 3)

Pastoral Residency (Year 4)

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Frequently Asked Questions

What MDiv in Pastoral Ministry scholarship opportunities are currently available?

Westminster is committed to making sure that admitted students are able to afford its programs through scholarships and network support programs. We will work and pray with you to seek the Lord’s provision if you don’t think you can afford our tuition. We encourage you to apply if you believe that WTS is the best place to prepare you for service in the Lord’s kingdom.

How long is the MDiv in Pastoral Ministry program?

The MDiv in Pastoral Ministry requires 111 credit hours and can be completed in three or four years. The standard track is four years. The three-year track is much more intense and demanding but certainly possible for the determined student. The coursework can also be completed on a part-time schedule, with the requirement that all credits are completed within 10 years.

How do the different MDiv in Pastoral Ministry degree emphases work?

There are two MDiv degree emphases: pastoral ministry and general ministry. The pastoral ministry emphasis includes five required pastoral theology courses. The general ministry emphasis gives four more elective courses than the pastoral emphasis, giving you the ability to pursue your unique ministerial interests. The first menu on this page offers a full list of courses required for MDiv students.

Is the MDiv in Pastoral Ministry offered as an online course?

Westminster believes that training for pastoral ministry should be done in a residential setting with personal access to both professors and fellow students. However, you will have the opportunity to take counseling courses through our online program if you choose counseling electives.

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