What is Biblico-Systematic Theology?

August 25, 2023

In-depth study of systematic theology demands in-depth exegesis of Scripture. Systematic theology is not the study of abstract principles, it is the study of a Person revealed in his Word. Systematic theology is not a survey of historical theology. It is not the art of integrating the Bible with a philosophical paradigm. Even though systematic theology focuses on specific topics, the understanding of those topics must be rooted in the unfolding self-witness of Scripture. This topical presentation of the history of special revelation in its overall unity finds its binding center and consummation in the redemption purposed, accomplished, and applied by the triune God in Christ.

Subjects such as sin, salvation, and the Trinity must first be perceived in the light of Scripture, and secondarily in light of our creeds and confessions. Although biblical theology and systematic theology are distinct disciplines, they can never be separated, and thus they must mutually condition each other. The church progresses in systematic theology only when she is increasingly reformed according to Scripture.

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