Registration Form, ThM - Historical Theol (London)

September  2011 Module

Registration Instructions:

  1. Review the 5.2.1.a Annual Notification of Rights under FERPA information.
  2. Review the Degree Completion Worksheet and the catalog section for your degree program.  
  3. Submit this completed form to the Registrar's Office via: mail, email, fax or in-person (see below) during the Registration period. 

Section 1

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Section 2 - Student Status
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_____   I am a new student.  (This will be my initial registration for the ThM- Historical Theol (London) modules.)
_____ I have taken one or more modules.

Section 3 - September 2011 module offering

Course ID
Course Title
Registration Deadline
Late Registration Deadline
First/Last Day of Classes Post - Modular  Coursework Deadline*
CH 972L
The Life & Thought of Martin Luther
July 25 (Monday)
August 15 (Monday)
September 5 (Monday) September 9 (Friday) November 4 (Friday)

*Post-modular coursework deadline is also the deadline to submit an Incomplete Request or Notification of Withdrawal from the course.  For details and instructions about submitting an Incomplete Request and/or Withdrawing from a course, please see the appropriate Degree Program Section of the catalog.

Section 4 - Expected Graduation Year:   I expect to graduate in May 20_____.

Section 5 - Student Privacy Rights

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