Student Privacy Rights

Westminster Theological Seminary

Student Privacy Rights

TO:  All Students

FROM:  Registrar’s Office

RE:  Students' Privacy Rights

Westminster Seminary accords to all students all the rights under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 as amended.  Our complete policy is in the Registrar’s Office for inspection, if desired. 

Following are the facts the seminary normally publishes and makes available on request:

Student's name

Spouse's name, if appropriate

Student's address, telephone number(s), email

Program and year of study

Dates of attendance at WTS

Degree(s) awarded

School most recently attended before WTS

School from which received BA/BS


Church Affiliation

Place of Birth

How To Request Information Withheld

1.  Print this Students' Privacy Rights form

2.  Circle the item(s) you want withheld

3.  At the bottom of the form:

a.  Print your name

b.  Sign your name

c.  Date the form

4.  Submit the form to the Registrar's office by 

a.  The first day of classes (returning students)

b.  The day you register (new/reinstated students)

If the Registrar's office receives your form by the relevant deadline indicated above, the information you request to be withheld will not be included in the Student Directory for that academic year.  

The request is valid only for the academic year in which it was received.  Students will need to submit a request for each academic year.