2011 Business Ethics Conference

June 09, 2011

"You Shall Not Steal"

Westminster Theological Seminary and the Center for Christian Business Ethics Today, LLC are hosting the
Second Annual Business Ethics Conference on the application of the 8th Commandment to business.

Join us June 10-11, 2011 at the Union League, downtown Philadelphia, PA

Among the speakers are Westminster faculty Dr. Peter Lillback, Dr. Vern Poythress, and Dr. William Edgar,
as well as alumni Dr. Philip Ryken, Dr. Wayne Grudem and Dr. Mark Futato

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  • Barry Asmus
  • Calvin Chin
  • Philip Clements
  • John Coors
  • David Cowan
  • Bob Doll
  • Dinesh D'Souza
  • William Edgar
  • Dave Epstein
  • Mark Futato
  • William "Liam" Goligher
  • Wayne Grudem
  • Julius Kim
  • Keith Krzewski
  • Peter Lillback
  • John Mesher
  • Andrew Peterson
  • Vern Poythress
  • Philip Ryken
  • Bret Schundler
  • Jack Templeton
  • Luder Whitlock

Dr. Peter LillbackBusiness Ethics

Underlying the Conference is the belief that the Protestant Reformation created a culture for business that is fundamental to the commercial world as we know it today. As a society moves away from the acceptance of Christianity, the principles arising from this culture are at risk. The Conference structure enables a reflection on the core beliefs as articulated in the Westminster Confession of Faith and their impact on doing business.

The 2011 Conference shows the implications of “You Shall Not Steal” to your business, your culture, and your world. While “You shall Not Steal” is considered to be a straight-forward commandment, the Conference shows the 8th Commandment’s implications go far beyond “Did you steal this pen?” Using the Westminster Larger Catechism (Q’s & A’s 140-142) we see there are many other facets, as explained in the “Duties Required” and “Sins Forbidden” implicit in the 8th Commandment.

Each Conference session is co-led by a business person and a theologian. On these teams the business person identifies a business issue based upon real life experience. The theologian then develops and frames the Christian response to this issue using the Bible and Protestant theology. Together these teams prepare white papers for presentation at the Conference. This team approach brings the richness of theology in the understanding of God and His Word to the practicality of business reinforcing proper Godly business thinking and behavior.

The Conference is on June 10 – 11, 2011 at the Union League, downtown Philadelphia

Begins noon on Friday, June 10 ~ ends 3:00 PM, Saturday, June 11
A special event is planned for Friday evening, June 10

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