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April 03, 2011

Rev. Dr. Tim Witmer has started blogging again at!

Dr. Witmer's most recent blog talks about his time at the PLANT! Conference in Glen Mills, PA, which was held March 24-26.

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From the March 28 blog post:

I had the privilege this past week of leading a breakout session at the first national PLANT Conference held here in southeastern Pennsylvania. The conference was co-sponsored by Sovereign Grace Ministries, 9Marks, Acts29, and the Southern Baptist Convention. There were nearly 800 planters, pastors, prospective planters, and team members in attendance. Firstly, Covenant Fellowship, the anchor church of the Sovereign Grace movement, did an outstanding job in serving all participants. Thanks! I was humbled to learn from C.J. Mahaney that he is using The Shepherd Leader as a required text in the Sovereign Grace Pastors’ College. This is such an encouragement!

Being among so many committed to church planting reminded me once again that shepherding isn’t just for established churches, it is something that must be engaged at the very beginning of your church planting effort. Having been involved in a church plant right out of seminary I learned the hard way that unless you have a structure for shepherding the first sheep that you gather, you will fall behind, they will not be cared for, and they will slip out the back door. Therefore, to my church planting friends, take this seriously at the outset and be sure the prospective elders and team members around you have a heart for the sheep. OK, I’ll say it. You need to create a culture of shepherding at the very beginning which is nothing less than a culture of pastoral care
which we must provide for those we have the joy of gathering for His glory.

Finally, I am grateful to all of you whom I had the privilege of meeting at the PLANT Conference. Thanks for your encouraging comments about the usefulness of The Shepherd Leader. May the Lord continue to bless you as you care for His sheep.

Have a great week in his service.

Visit the Shepherd's Blog here, or get his book The Shepherd Leader at the bookstore.