New Westminster Today!

February 23, 2011

The Word of our God will Stand Forever

The newest edition of Westminster Today has been published and is available to students, alumni and everyone interested in the Word of God!  In this issue, Rev. Dr. Carl Trueman discusses "Declaring the Whole Counsel of God," and Rev. John Currie gives "A Confident Strategy for the Times."  Also, read about how Westminster has impacted South Korean Christianity, and read Rev. Dr. Tim Witmer's article on shepherding in the home.

President Lillback shares in his opening letter: "Our vision is 'to form Christian leaders to proclaim the whole counsel of God throughout a changing world.' Yet, what we teach applies to all who follow Christ, because change is inevitable for all. And when the unpredictability of tomorrow consumes our hearts, with insatiable tyranny, it devours any sense of stability, confidence and peace. A violent and merciless master, change relentlessly erodes the very things to which we cling for confidence and assurance. But there is good news, indeed, great news. Into that tumultuous world, God has spoken. His unbreakable words yield strength, hope and stability and as the very words of God, Scripture grants us full confidence for today, tomorrow...forever!"

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