Congratulations, Groves Center!

February 11, 2011

The J. Alan Groves Center for Advanced Biblical Research has officially gained 501(c)3 status as a non-profit organization!

Pictured (L-R): Stephen Salisbury (MAR '02, MDiv '09), Research Fellow; Dr. Kirk Lowery, President and Senior Research Fellow.

From Rev. Dr. Peter Lillback, President of Westminster:

"All of us at Westminster celebrate the news that the J. Alan Groves Center at WTS has been granted the 501(c)3 status enabling it to receive tax-deductible gifts!

"The Groves Center began under the late Westminster professor Al Groves several years ago as he discovered that Hebrew research could be conducted via computer. Thus, Westminster under Al’s leadership helped to launch the modern technological study of the original languages of God’s Word.  Upon Al’s death, Westminster determined to change the name of the Westminster Hebrew Institute in Al’s honor, and to launch it as a stand alone ministry housed in the Andreas Academic Center here at Westminster.

"The legacy of developing an accurate analyzed Hebrew text for the computer world has left an ongoing legacy of Al’s scholarship and love for God’s Word.  Westminster joins the Groves Center in hopes for ongoing discoveries and developments that will enrich the world of Biblical Scholarship for generations to come.

"We encourage you to make a tax deductible donation today to the J. Alan Groves Center to help the next step forward in the computer assisted study and translation of the Bible possible.  Click here to donate online and check the box marked 'Groves Center.'"

From Dr. Kirk Lowery, President of the Groves Center:

"Westminster Theological Seminary was used of God to provide the means to create the Groves Center.  We are deeply grateful to Dr. Lillback, and the Westminster family as a whole, for their sincere interest and wholehearted support. We look forward to a continuing partnership with Westminster and return the favor of encouraging people to prayerfully consider giving to Westminster as well as the Groves Center."

Significant dates for the Groves Center:

1986: Westminster Hebrew Institute founded by Professor J. Alan Groves, professor of OT
September 1998: Dr. Kirk Lowery named Associate Director and Adjunct Professor of OT
January 2002: Dr. Lowery becomes Director of the Hebrew Institute
September 2004: Stephen Salisbury became the full-time Assistant Director of the Groves Center
December 2006: Westminster Hebrew Institute re-named The Groves Center
February 5, 2007: Death of Professor Al Groves
September 2008: Elizabeth Groves begins teaching Hebrew at Westminster
August 2009: Dr. Lowery's title changed to President and Senior Research Fellow, Mr. Salisbury's title changed to Research Fellow
August 10, 2009: Gains tax exemption status in Pennsylvania
January 19, 2011: Gains federal tax exemption status

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