"The Truth Will Set You Free" Conference

February 01, 2011

The Truth Will Set You Free: The Doctrine and Function of Scripture in the 21st Century.

Rev. Dr. Greg Beale, professor of New Testament and biblical theology, and Rev. Dr. Carl Trueman, vice president for academic affairs and professor of historical theology and church history will be presenting papers at the upcoming Theological Studies Conference, hosted by Affinity in Hertfordshire, England - February 2-4.

Dr. Beale will be presenting a paper entitled "Right doctrine, wrong texts. Can we follow the apostles' doctrine but not their hermeneutic?"

Dr. Beale on his presentation: "I will be addressing the specific topic of whether or not Jesus and the apostles interpreted the Old Testament in line with the original Old Testament meaning or whether they twisted the meaning according to their own purposes and ideas."

Dr. Trueman will be presenting a paper entitled "The Church doctrine of Scripture in the hands of 19th century rationalists."

About this conference:

Making disciples, gathering them into the church, and then teaching them to observe all that Christ commands is the very heart and essence of the Church’s task and mission upon earth. An essential element of the fulfilment of this commission is to ensure that the Christ who is proclaimed is the true Christ, the Christ of Scripture, and that whatever he taught - including his teaching on the nature and authority of Scripture - is part of the Church’s message. Evangelicals have always regarded Scripture as of fundamental importance.

In recent years, however, essentially liberal ideas have infiltrated evangelicalism, and respected evangelical scholars and publishers have called into question aspects of the evangelical doctrine of Scripture. Although these views are not new and have been answered in the past, they are now gaining influence in some evangelical circles and cannot but have a harmful effect upon the Church’s evangelistic, missionary, and pastoral task.

The Affinity Conference, bringing together a range of speakers who are wholeheartedly committed to the evangelical doctrine of Scripture, will address some of these issues. Although seeking to engage the issues at the highest level of scholarly responsibility, the Conference is aimed at pastors and students, as well as scholars, so that the evangelical doctrine of Scripture may be restated for the twenty first century, that gospel workers may be the better equipped for the task of mission.

For more information on this conference, and how to attend, visit the Affinity website.