History. Truth. Faith.

January 20, 2011

Pillars of Christian Orthodoxy

In a day when even people within the church try to redefine what it means to be a Christian, it is important for us all to understand the importance of Christian orthodoxy — that body of content that is the authentic Christian religion.

Rev. Dr. Carl Trueman will be speaking at the 2011 Ligonier Academy Conference, January 21 and 22, in Sanford, FL.  Dr. Trueman will be joining Drs. Stephen J. Nichols and R. C. Sproul as they give lectures on the theme of "History. Truth. Faith. — Pillars of Christian Orthodoxy.

Dr. Trueman on his involvement in this conference:

"I was happy to accept an invitation to give two lectures for the Ligonier Academy Conference, given its connection to a theological training institution. I want to emphasise in my talks the importance of a truly catholic doctrine of scripture to the contemporary church; and the vital, existential nerve of Protestant theology, the centrality which it gives to the whole matter of faith, both as trust and as belief in distinct truths. Theological students looking to a call to church leadership need to have a firm understanding of these two matters."

Dr. Trueman will be giving two lectures on Saturday, January 22.  He will be speaking on the infallibility of Scripture in his lecture "Truth," and on the doctrine of justification by faith alone in his lecture, "Faith." For more information about the conference, and how to register, click here.