Congratulations, Professor Mininger!

January 01, 2011

Professor Marcus Mininger, lecturer in New Testament, has been appointed as Instructor of New Testament Studies at Mid-America Reformed Seminary.

Professor Mininger will begin teaching at Mid-America in Spring, 2011.

How long have you served as lecturer in new testament here at WTS, and how important was it in your development as an instructor?
I've been a lecturer at WTS for the past 4.5 academic years and almost full-time for the past 3.5.  Before that I've also taught in various capacities at Princeton Seminary, St. Joseph's University, and in many church settings.  While all these experiences have been useful, my time at Westminster gives me the experience that is most similar to what I will be doing at Mid-America, for which I am very grateful.

What kind of work will you be doing at Mid-America?
I have been appointed as Mid-America's next New Testament professor, following Nelson Kloosterman's stepping down to pursue other ministry avenues this December.  I will be responsible for most of the New Testament curriculum at Mid-America, including classes in Gospels and Acts, Pauline Epistles, and General Epistles and Revelation.

What are your hopes and prayers for your future with Mid-America?
My biggest hope is that future pastors will learn to stand receptively before God's Word and listen attentively and skillfully to it, for the sake of the church.  A Reformed doctrine of Scripture teaches us to thirst for the Word urgently and dependently.  A seminary education therefore aims to make men perceptive and useful readers of that Word, from which comes life-giving power for both the minister and his ministry.

What are your hopes and prayers for the future of Westminster?
My prayer for Westminster is always that, being true to its unmatched theological birthright, it will look to the Lord in humility and trust him for its future.  Westminster's heritage exemplifies how God chooses to work through weak and breakable vessels for his own glory.  Only a posture of abject dependence and gratitude befits such a heritage, and I think all WTS alumni pray that such things will be continually true of their school.

Please join with the rest of the Westminster Community as we bid bon voyage to our brother, and pray that he will continue to proclaim the truth of God's Word.