The Work of the Pastor

August 24, 2010

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Gain an insight into the work of the pastor. William Still's book The Work of the Pastor is based on the thesis that the pastor, being the shepherd of the flock, feeds the flock upon God's Word; the bulk of pastoral work is therefore through the ministry of the Word.

"The Work of the Pastor is one of my favorite books to give away, and therefore I am delighted to see it back in print. William Still pastored the same city church for more than fifty years. By his absolute faithfulness to the Word of God and dedication to intercessory prayer, he became a leader for gospel renewal in the Church of Scotland. This small classic presents Mr. Still's best thinking and most passionate convictions about the work of ministry that he loved so well and fulfilled so completely."
- Rev. Dr. Philip G. Ryken, President of Wheaton College and Board Member at Westminster Theological Seminary

"A great little book by a remarkable missionary to whom I owe an immense personal debt. Every minister should read it once a year - at least!"
- Rev. Dr. Sinclair B. Ferguson, Distinguished Visiting professor of Systematic Theology and Senior Minister of First Presbyterian Church in Columbia, SC.

About the Author: William Still was minister of the Gilcomstom Church of Scotland from 1945 until 1997. His ministry had a strong emphasis on Biblically based expository preaching.