Alumnus Dr. John Eui-Whan Kim with the Lord

July 07, 2010

Alumnus Dr. John Eui-Whan Kim died on May 10, 2010.  He was 77 years old.

"Rev. Dr. John Eui-Whwan Kim passed away to Heaven recently. He received Th.M. from Westminster in 1963, when I was getting my B.D. from Westminster. He was professor and president of Chongsin University in Seoul, the largest theological school in Korea and also later the president of Calvin University in Korea. He was also the founding pastor of L.A. Korean Church, which has several thousand members. He wrote several significant books. He also had an extraordinary zeal for mission work for Christ and His kingdom, and founded the International Theological Seminary in California a few decades ago, which has brought and trained many international students from the less developed countries. He was my classmate at Koshin University in Busan, Korea."

Written by Dr. Yong Choon Kim (BD, '63), Professor Emeritus, University of Rhode Island


Dr. Lillback and the Westminster family ask you to join us in praying for all of John's loved ones.