Congratulations Graduates!

June 05, 2010

"It is a great pleasure to congratulate our graduates upon the successful completion of their various degree programs at Westminster; as always, the commencement banquet will no doubt be a highlight of the year, as faculty and staff hear of the many places and callings to which you will be going in the near future.

"At this time, I would simply pray that you will all remember that you go out into the world not to be life coaches, or to teach people how to live better, but to proclaim the good news that Jesus Christ has died but is risen and now calls on all men and women everywhere to acknowledge this with their mouths and believe it in their hearts;

"that, as you continue to grow in the faith, you would not seek your own glory but that of Him who made and bought you; and that you would be daily equipped for this task not by earthly wisdom but by that which comes from above, revealed in Jesus Christ and in the pages of Scripture."

- Rev. Dr. Carl R. Trueman, vice president for academic affairs