Colson Business Ethics Conference

May 17, 2010

Union League, Phila., PA
June 11-12, 2010
Business Ethics Today
Adding a Biblical Worldview Using the Westminster Confession of Faith
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Westminster Theological Seminary and the Center for Christian Business Ethics Today, LLC are hosting this Conference to encourage a deeper understanding of the importance of Christian ethics in commerce.

We are honored to have Chuck Colson as our keynote speaker.Chuck Colson

Chairman and Founder of
The Chuck Colson Center for Christian Worldview, he has turned his heart and mind to training a new generation of leaders to renew the church and revitalize the culture. "What we must do now is be salt and light, rubbed into the such a such a way that the people and institutions around us slowly begin to understand that they have embraced the Lie. Our job is to expose the Lie and replace it with the Truth of a biblical understanding of all of reality."

Underlying the Conference is the historically accurate conviction that the Protestant Reformation created a culture for business that formed the commercial world as we know it today.

As society moves away from the acceptance of Christianity, the ethical principles arising from the Reformational culture are undoubtedly at risk.

The Conference is structured to enable a reflection on the core beliefs as articulated in the Westminster Confession of Faith and their impact on doing business.

The Conference has three sections:
•    Friday afternoon, June 11 – “Doing Business in God’s World”
•    Friday evening, June 11 – “What is at Risk?”
•    Saturday morning, June 12 – “Finding Ethical Principles in the Bible for Business Application”

The sessions will consist of a team of business people and a theologian.
The business people will identify dilemmas, based upon experience.  The theologian will develop and frame the Christian response, based upon the Bible and Protestant theology.  Together the team will prepare a white paper for presentation at the Conference. By having this team, it is anticipated that the richness of theology in the understanding of God and His Word will be combined with the practicality of business to reinforce proper Godly business thinking and behavior.