Dr. Witmer Radio Interviews

March 31, 2010

The Janet Mefferd Show about 'Where Did All the Shepherds Go?'

Keving Boling, Knowing the Truth, 'The Shepherd Leader.'


Dr. Witmer,

My name is Joey Best and I am a pastor in Highland, Indiana. I wanted to write to you and thank for your work The Shepherd Leader.

God provided an awesome opportunity for me to serve in my first pastoral position at the church in which I grew up. Of course, with this being my first pastoral position, I am learning all of the challenges of the shepherding ministry first hand.

Your book has helped me to regain the focus of my biblical responsibility (along with our other pastor and deacons) to know, feed, lead and protect the people God has brought to us.

It is easy to get bogged down with all the programs (as if there were a shortage) and it is easy to lose sight of people. Really, I am just writing to say a big thanks.

Your book has been (and will be) a great resource to me. Praise God we have the privilege to take part in shepherding people. No matter how difficult it can be, it is worth it. I am sure you hear this from many people, but I hope you find this an encouragement.

In Christ,
Joey Best