Mentored Ministry

March 16, 2010

“I have just finished reading from the web all the Mentored Ministry information that you have posted…I need to repent.  The impression that I have always held about WTS is that it was a place of outstanding academics, but it was weak in the practical aspects of ministry preparation.  You have proved me seriously wrong, and I apologize for such an unfair caricature.  In fact, after studying (similar institutions), you have the most comprehensive program of all.  I was especially blessed to see you reference Sonship, Evangelism Explosion, and short-term mission involvement as all three of these have been major components of our ministry (here),” pastor of 27 years, western PA

Testimony of an M.Div. – Pastoral Student – Europe:

“I definitely gained more experience in preaching. I basically had to preach/teach once/week over 6 weeks.  It was good for me to have to preach to people outside of the academic realm.  I got more experience of leading and being up front, but need to keep working at that; I particularly found leading the prayer meetings a little hard.

“I got an insight into more of the minister’s work and what is involved on a day-to-day basis; I went on a few pastoral visits.  Sitting in on elder’s meetings helped me see more of the pastoral dimension of the work.  Lastly, I read the books I’d planned to on baptism, and have been made to think more specifically about the subject…”

Pastoral mentor’s observation - The intern “has applied himself in the pursuit of all four objectives (communicate effectively through preaching; grow in confidence at leading worship; understand my pastor’s strategy for leading the Church; study baptism) agreed in the contract…his preaching has improved measurably since this time last year…he is gaining confidence in leading worship and has discussed my strategy for ministry with reception and enthusiasm and has addressed the issue of baptism.”

“He has been conscientious in all areas and has proved reliable in all areas of responsibility entrusted to him.  As an eldership, we are most encouraged by his progress so far.  He obviously still has room for improvement – mostly in the need to gain confidence and forthrightness as he leads from the front and gains pulpit experience.”

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