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January 12, 2010


Conclusion of Dr. Timothy Z. Witmer's chapel message titled, "The Practicality of a Westminster Education" delivered on Tuesday, September 15, 2009...


"Here at WTS we understand that the Lord is preparing you for this very practical mission…and that preparation is comprehensive and holistic.
"Robert Banks warns that the current model of theological education emphasizes 'knowing, at the expense of doing, and being' and that 'the professional school model now dominates, and this continues to ignore the being of the student, to exalt professionalism over calling and vocation…'   

"Description of the what we are trying to accomplish “A learned ministry set in the lifestyle of humble and “holy affection” for Jesus Christ is essential in today’s church and world and must be modeled by the board, administration, faculty, and students.”

"Rejoice that VERSE 4 “For by these he has granted to us his precious and magnificent promises, so that you may become partaker of the divine nature, having escaped the corruption that is in the world by lust.” 
"Expect your ongoing engagement with the truth to be very practical, not merely informing you…but transforming you
    Very Practical Commitment
    Very Practical Method
    Very Practical Mission

"We praise the Lord that “he called us by his glory and excellence” to faith in Jesus and to follow Jesus, and that for you, following Jesus has brought you here.

"As we follow, as we grow together, may we remember that He is the one who is to receive the honor and the glory…which is a key Westminster distinctive, that to God be all the glory.

"Many of you know that my son, Nate, spent 14 months in Iraq as a scout platoon commander. Many of you joined together with us in praying him through some very challenging situations. He was humbled to receive the Bronze Star Medal for heroism in combat. His alma mater, Wake Forest University, where he graduated as an ROTC distinguished military graduate decided to honor him at a home football game…and I got to go along!

"We arrived on Saturday morning. Wake has just completed construction of a new addition to the stadium called The Tower which includes five stories of new press and luxury boxes. Our chaperones took Nate on a tour of very restricted areas of the new facility and I got to go along.

"The security folks would look at Nate in his Army dress blues, they would wave him in and I would just say,  'I’m with him' and they would wave me through as well. This happened several times on our tour including our access to a very exclusive area where only very large donors were allowed to proceed. Once again, they waved Nate through…and I was with him, so in I went!

"Then we were allowed access to the field…I was with him…right on through we went. Because I was with Nate I was allowed to go places I would  never been allowed to have access otherwise. Friends, because we are followers of Christ and are 'with Him' we have access to great benefits and blessings, but it us not because of our worthiness, but his. Oh, there was one place I was not able to go with Nate.

"Just before the game began, the band and color guard were on the field,  Nate was directed to walk to the middle of the field as pictures of him in action were shown on the scoreboard and the public address announcer read the narrative describing the actions for which he was awarded the Bronze Star. He acknowledged the crescendo of cheers from the tens of thousands of fans. I wasn’t with him…I didn’t deserve the cheers, because I didn’t do anything…he did.

"Friends, as we follow Jesus in this life, we will walk with him to places that we would never have had the privilege of walking apart from him…but let’s never forget that to HIM belongs all the glory because HE DID IT!

"If your walk with the Lord brings you to Westminster,  you will receive a very practical and useful training in ministry but may you join with us in the distinctive purpose of bringing Him all the glory.  
"The primary core value The triune God, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit is worthy of the worship of all people in all places of his dominion, and this fact must be the fundamental motive of every activity."

Rev. Dr. Edmund P. Clowney, first president of WTS


"Christ Comes in the Storm," (pictured)
Rev. Dr. Edmund P. Clowney, first president of Westminster and professor of practical theology

We have posted 149 chapels and lectures from this dear brother who so faithfully served Westminster.

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