Linda Finlayson Encourages Children

December 21, 2009

"There is an odd notion among school children that history is boring, just full of dates and events. But in fact history is really about people and their stories. Their stories range from dramatic adventures to examples of quiet courage, from those who chose to pursue the good and those who did not. What a treasure chest for a writer to choose from, especially for children.

"I write biographies and true adventure stories for children partly to entertain and partly to teach. There’s nothing wrong with a rollicking good tale to keep a child focused on a book, and if they can be learning about their Christian heritage at the same time, all the better. There are many men and women in church history who can act as inspiring examples to our children, and it is my hope to make them accessible through my books.

"I have enjoyed working with children in schools, churches and children’s clubs, and these ministry opportunities have inspired me to bring together my love of books, children and history.

"I have found the Montgomery Library at Westminster an invaluable resource for researching my books. It probably helps that I’m also married to the Library Director, who is an excellent research assistant," shares Linda Finlayson.

Other books by Linda Finlayson - Devotion and Strength and Wilfred Grenfell: Arctic Adventurer


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