NEW Alumni Relations Director, Rev. John Currie

October 17, 2009

Dear Westminster Alumni,

Westminster Theological Seminary has a heritage of strategic importance in the service of God’s kingdom worldwide. Remember, we have 6,000 living alumni serving in over 60 countries today. I am honored by the opportunity to contribute to Westminster’s ministry as it carries on that heritage into the 21st century.

Our seminary has been distinguished by its legacy of excellent faculty who have made an unparalleled contribution to the church and the world of biblical and theological scholarship. But just as central to Westminster’s legacy and future are the men and women who have taken their seminary education into the church and the world with a vision to extend the knowledge of the glory of God in Christ until that knowledge “covers the earth as the waters cover the sea” (Habakkuk 2:14).

Alumni relations and Educational Advancement exists to partner with you in that ongoing kingdom service as Westminster alumni. My purpose and passion is your continued equipping and encouragement in your field of service as well as all of us reconnecting and partnering with one another. To that end my office has the privilege for strategically and intentionally investing Westminster’s excellent resources to serve you.

We will add to the initiatives that you’ve already seen, such as Common Ground dinners and the WTS Alumni Association, by providing conferences and other services for your continued education and edification in life and service.

My office also exists to provide an ear for alumni to communicate with the seminary, listening to needs or questions you might have and seeking to address them. Much of my time will be spent coming to you, personally contacting many of you, seeking to strengthen Westminster’s understanding of the kingdom opportunities and challenges you face and communicating with you about the life of the seminary.

I warmly invite you to be in touch with me either through the or by phone - 215-572-3811 - and look forward to partnering with you for the glory of our savior and the good of his church.

Sincerely yours, in Christ,

John Currie
Director of Alumni Relations and Educational Advancement