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August 30, 2009
Goldsworthy Trilogy

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With this publication, Australian Anglican Graeme Goldsworthy reminds us of the importance of a redemptive-historical understanding and exposition of Scripture. Building on the insights of Geerhardus Vos and Willem Van Gemeren, Goldsworthy argues for a gospel-centered, redemptive-historical treatment of the Old and New Testaments. This volume, which is a repackaging of three volumes previously published separately (Gospel and the Kingdom, Gospel and Wisdom, and The Gospel in Revelation), is written for the informed layperson and offers a basic biblical theology on the themes of kingdom, gospel, and wisdom within the organic and progressive revelation of Genesis to Revelation.

Perhaps one of the more interesting aspects of Goldsworthy's work is his inclusion of wisdom literature within a redemptive-historical reading of Scripture.

Readers familiar with Old Testament studies will know that almost all "biblical theologies" of the Old Testament founder upon the rock of the apparently unhistorical nature of the wisdom books that possess a gnomic or generalizing tendency. Moreover, the wisdom literature appears to reflect a common grace emphasis (i.e., there is no apparent concern for redemption or cult as such) similar to other wisdom literature from the Ancient Near East. For Goldsworthy, Jesus Christ is our wisdom and "true wisdom is the result of being related to God through the person and work of Jesus Christ." This volume offers a refreshing historical focus on Scripture and is a trustworthy guide to understanding God's word.
- Jeff Waddington, PhD candidate - Westminster Bookstore Staff