Dr. Lillback on Calvin & Covenant

May 02, 2009


[Radio Broadcast]

B.A., Cedarville College, 1974; Th.M., Dallas Theological Seminary, 1978; Ph.D., Westminster Theological Seminary, 1985; Professor, Philadelphia Theological Seminary, 1995–1999; President, The Providence Forum, 1999– ; Pastoral ministry, Delaware and Pennsylvania, including Proclamation Presbyterian Church, 1982– ; Westminster, 1981, 1986– .

Author: The Sacrament of Baptism: First Steps of Life in Covenant With God; The Binding of God: Calvin’s Role in the Development of Covenant Theology; The Practical Calvinist; Freedom’s Holy Light, With a Firm Reliance on Divine Providence; Exploring the Ancient Scriptures in the New Millennium: Bible Odyssey Study Guide; Proclaim Liberty; George Washington’s Sacred Fire; Wall of Misconception.

Contributor: The Future of Theological Education in the Global Era of Church History: Change Without Compromise; Peter Martyr Vermigli and the European Reformations; Luther & Calvin; Election Day Sermons; Pressing Toward the Mark: Essays Commemorating Fifty Years of the Orthodox Presbyterian Church; An Introduction to the Presbyterian and Reformed Heritage (editor); Justified in Christ.

Representative Articles: “Ursinus’ Development of the Covenant of Creation: A Debt to Melanchthon or Calvin?,” Westminster Theological Journal, 1981; “A Primer on Presbyterianism,” New Horizons, 1989; “The Continuing Conundrum: Calvin and the Conditionality of the Covenant,” Calvin Theological Journal, 1994.