Historic Audio Archives

June 11, 2011

The Westminster Alumni Association has made our historic audio archives available to all.

Hear the Westminster Difference in the voices of those men chosen of God to boldly defend the faith in the midst of overwhelmingly odds. Pointing you to the Christ in all the Scriptures, they preach "the very Word of God written," as absolutely authoritative and without error.

Thousands of historic sermons, course lectures, chapels and seminars are a keystroke away

  • Be blessed by "Man in the Image of God" by founding faculty member John Murray (October 14, 1898 – May 8, 1975)
  • Enjoy"Christ and Human Thought - Immanuel Kant" by Dr. Cornelius Van Til (May 3, 1895 – April 17, 1987) - who made 'worldview' common (pictured)
  • Hear our first president Dr. Edmund P. Clowney's (July 30, 1917 – March 20, 2005) redemptive-historical "Preaching Christ from the Old Testament"
  • Learn from "God, Our Intimate Friend" by Rev. Dr. Tim Keller (alumnus and former professor)

Hear Reformed orthodoxy, as informed by the system of doctrine contained in the Westminster Standards, representing faithfully and accurately what Scripture teaches.