Spring Prospective Student Day

February 22, 2009

"Scripture permeates everything at Westminster."  - Jason Peterson, M. Div .'11

On a sunny Monday in Philadelphia, 22 eager visitors came out on President's Day to our first Spring Prospective Student Day. The jam-packed day started with a breakfast and opportunity to meet and greet other fellow prospective students; they were eager to learn how they could join the legacy of Westminster. They all are hungry for an in-depth study of the Word in a vastly changing world.

In the morning, afternoon and evening the prospective students were permitted the opportunity to sit in on a wide assortment of classes, representing each theological department, and catch a first-hand glimpse of the high standard of academic rigor and knowledge that our faculty passionately impart on a daily basis.

Students were also given a tour of our campus and facilities by our friendly admissions staff. Lunch was provided in the student Loft, where the prospective students heard testimony from faculty, and also former and current students who openly shared how Westminster has impacted their minds, careers, ministries and lives.

Current M.Div student, Mark Schrock, shared that Westminster has equipped him with the ability to, “engage complicated issues” and “deal with [how to] communicate the Gospel”.  Joel Andrews, another current M.Div. student, testified that he is, “consistently impressed with the reverence to Scripture”, and Director of Communications and former student Jason Cuzzolina (M.Div ’05) shared that his time at Westminster has enabled him to become a ”life-long learner of the Scriptures”.

Following lunch prospectives were given the chance to address any questions directly to New Testament professor Vern Poythress, Apologetics professor Bill Edgar and Systematic Theology professor Lane Tipton during a faculty panel question and answer session; both professors were delighted to engage the attentive audience.

After the Q&A, Dr. Edgar entertained our visitors with a half-hour jazz performance, entitled “Heaven in a Night Club”. The distinguished professor joyfully shared that "every year since he arrived at Westminster he has discovered how much greater God is than [he] had previously thought”. The concert provided a small window into the vast resources and gifts of our faculty and how the theology that is taught in the classroom can be practically applied to engage every aspect of culture.

Prospective students were also given the opportunity to speak and meet individually with a representive in our financial aid office to help them devise a plan to make a Westminster education a fiscal reality.

The seminary will be hosting two more such events on Thursday, March 5th and Wednesday, April 22nd of this semester. Please bless us by joining us!

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contact the Admissions Office at We encourage you to register early; space is limited.