BibleWorks Seminar

February 04, 2009

Jim is making attendees a special offer, "After some consideration, I will provide a special 10% off on upgrade sales on BW8 -- but not the add-on modules."

BW8 (new)                            -- $315 (usually $349)
BW8 (upgrade from BW7) -- $135 (usually $150)
BW8 (upgrade from BW6) -- $157.50 (usually $175)

BibleWorks 8 brochure


Location: Westminster, Philadelphia campus - Van Til Hall, room 3
Date:  Wednesday, February 25 
Time:  4:30 - 6:00 p.m.


  • This seminar will give you HANDS ON practical help
  • Discover BASIC PRINCIPLES of the powerful search engine
  • Understand key BibleWorks tools and resources
  • Quickly access info in lexicons, dictionaries and grammars
  • Learn many "shortcuts" and quick keys to speed up research
  • Explore maps, vocabulary flashcards, synoptics & diagramming tools
  • Much more -- as much as time allows!

Participants are encouraged to bring a laptop with BibleWorks 7 or 8 installed, but it is not necessary. If you bring a laptop, please make sure to apply the latest free updates to your installation of BibleWorks. Click here for instructions on how to update BibleWorks on your laptop.


Jim Barr has been with BibleWorks for eight years as the Seminary & Pastor Relations Manager, getting the word out about BibleWorks to its worldwide customer base.

Jim has also traveled to many seminaries across the U.S., and to conferences and denominational gatherings as well, to introduce how BibleWorks is an indispensible tool for original language exegesis of the Biblical text -- perfect for study and sermon preparation.

He lives in Portsmouth, Va., where he and his wife, Beth, have seven children. He graduated from Amherst College in 1980 and Regent University in 1990. He is also a ruling elder at Immanuel PCA in Norfolk, Va.