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May 20, 2009

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"Jesus changed the world. His coming as the God-Man, the Messianic Word in flesh, still is
the measure of time, even for a post-modern world. Yet, Jesus’ earthly life and ministry had a specific starting point in space and time.

"From humble beginnings in Bethlehem and Capernaum and from the ancient city of Jerusalem, His good news spread and impacted the entire world. Because Westminster Theological Seminary was formed by a profound love for Christ and His Word, we are part of the ongoing world impact of Jesus’ message of salvation for a fallen world.

"As followers of Christ, we are heirs of Calvin’s Reformation in Geneva and Luther’s scriptural commitment from Wittenberg. From our humble beginnings in Philadelphia in 1929 to our maturation and growth in the little Philadelphia suburb of Glenside, Westminster’s proclamation of the gospel of Jesus Christ has impacted the globe...."

- Rev. Dr. Peter A. Lillback, president

Westminster Today’s mission is to highlight the Westminster difference—relevance, leadership, resources and discovery—in the lives of faculty, students and alumni who are engaging the changing world with the eternal Word.

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