Finding Your Inner C.S. Lewis

December 25, 2008

Director Leslie Altena

Lecturer in Advanced Theological Writing
B.A., M.A., English, University of Pennsylvania, 1984; Ph.D. Candidate in Educational Linguistics; English as a Second Language (ESL) Instructor, ESL Educational Services, 1989–90; ESL Instructor, American Language Academy, 1989–91; Adjunct Professor of Composition, West Chester University, 1991–93; Director, Academic Writing Summer Workshop for International Students, Lutheran Seminary,1993; ESLInstructor, Korean Teacher Training Summer Intensive, 1994; Adjunct Professor of Composition of English for International Students, Beaver College, 1993–95; Book Review Editor, PTE Voices, 1996–2000; Editor, LEDnews, 1997– ; Westminster, 1994–

Services for Westminster Students

Working Together on Your Writing
Our staff will work with you to answer your writing questions. You may want to discuss the challenges you face, set up a writing plan, brainstorm topics, or talk about your organization, grammar, or word choice in your papers.

(1) In person. A tutor works through your paper with you, coaching you on ways to improve your organization and grammar. You set the pace and level of correction, and you and the tutor together make sure that changes reflect the meaning you intend.

(2) In person plus online. A tutor has an initial consultation with you to discuss your paper, and follows up with general feedback via email. The approach is not line-by-line editing; rather, general comments will serve as a guide to revision. This method is for students who like to work more independently.

Scheduling an Appointment
A tutor is available to meet with you for up to three hours at a time; the average meeting is one hour. Tutors can meet in person or via phone, email or online.

Available times are listed on the bulletin board outside the Center for Theological Writing, Montgomery Library, Room L-1. Sign up on this bulletin board; send an email stating your desired times to Leslie Altena at or call 215-935-3867.