"...brotherly love through photography."

December 25, 2008

"September 2007, I accepted the position of Director of Communications. As a 2005 M.Div. graduate, I came here confident that I knew Westminster well enough to help tell its story to the world. However, I quickly realized life at Westminster couldn't be fully captured by words. I prayed daily for a photojournalist, an insider that could capture Westminster unscripted. One day a knock on my door welcomed a young Korean student. Chae simply said, 'I want to serve the Lord and Westminster by taking pictures of life on campus.' Praise God for providing immeasurably more than I could have ever asked or imagined."
- Jay Cuzzolina

Chae, how have you served the church while a student? And what do you try to capture in your photos of Westminster?

"I have served as a youth pastor around Philadelphia since my freshman year in Philadelphia Biblical University. I am now an M.Div. candidate at Westminster.

I often tell my youth group, 'We all are theologians, but there are good theologians and bad theologians.' I think this concept can be applied to artists as well.  Similarly, we all are artists in some way who express artistic abilities through different medium.
I believe there is a parallel between a good theologian and a good artist, and that is that each uses one’s training and creativity to expose angles of hidden features and help develop newly found appreciation of their beauty.

Although I have never been officially trained in the field of art, I studied in the Master’s program on Interdisciplinary Humanities at Penn State University, emphasizing art history and philosophy. Although I had always been interested in art, my experience at Penn State prompted me to pursue an artistic outlet through digital photography.

Tim Keller, D.Min. '81, preached a sermon on “Work” (1 Thess. 4:9-12) that has inspired me to reconsider what I can do with my hands (literally).  While at Westminster, I want to work with my two hands (more like my finger) to express my brotherly love through photography.

It is my understanding that many think seminary life is mundane and dry, packed with academic affairs, and I must admit that it is easy to see it that way.  However, I want to bring out the beauty that emanates through students' dedication and zeal for God’s Word, offering different perspectives and colors of seminary life."

Chae's Westminster photo gallery