Hitchens-Wilson Debate Video

March 20, 2009

Watch the debate video.

Excerpt -

Doug Wilson (DW): Neither one of us has a problem with killing the Amalekites.

Christopher Hitchens (CH): What if I was an Amalekite? It changes everything.

CH: To no argument does religion add anything that doesn't make it more toxic.

CH: The swine-possessed miracle, if it were true, would not be worth having. It seems to blaspheme the notion of "true" and "beautiful" quite badly. How can you claim that miracles are only true when they're Calvinist?

CH: Even if I grant the whole thing [i.e., Christianity], but it makes no difference, it wouldn't make me a Christian if it were all true.

CH: Don't you have an abnormally unsuspicious mind?

CH: A lot of people need to be treated, by me, in ways that I don't want to be treated myself.

CH: There is a gulf fixed on how we think, not just what. I don't think it would be a good thing if I could think Christianity were true.

CH: If there was a loving God, I can't but feel that one would know it.

CH: That's what I assume faith must be - the willingness to assume what you must prove.

Watch the debate video.