Mohler's Westminster Broadcast

November 02, 2008

Wednesday, October 29th, we were privileged to host Dr. Albert Mohler, President of Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, on our campus for his radio show.

Dr. Carl Trueman, Vice President for Academic Affairs, was asked "Why there is a Westminster Theological Seminary?" and "What are the concerns of evangelicalism today?" Click here to listen to the broadcast in its entirety. Dr. Trueman is interviewed at the 12:20 mark.

The Albert Mohler Program is a one-hour talk show hosted every weekday 5 - 6:00 pm by Dr. R. Albert Mohler. The show is devoted to engaging contemporary culture with biblical truth.

Other items of discussion included - the Christian Science Monitor moving away from print media and going to totally eZine on the web; The NY Times article on India’s foray into space and the Hindu worldview; Senator Ted Stevens and remembering our original sin; Proposition 8 in CA on the ballot and the ramifications for everyone; questions on the family integrated church, rewards theology and orders to take vaccinations.