Wielding the Sword

July 21, 2014

Preachers and Teachers of God's Word

Author Linda Finlayson, wife of Westminster Director of Library Services Sandy Finlayson, recently released a new book for youth.

Publisher's Description: Wielding the Sword is a great introduction to the men who preached and the women who taught God's Word from the early church and throughout history. They stood up to heresy and oppression to show the Gospel to the world in a way that we can look up to today.

"Linda Finlayson's books have proved consistently popular with children in my congregation and I anticipate this one will be no exception. With a light touch, Linda recreates the lives of some of the great preachers of the past and brings children face to face with the men and women who guarded the gospel in ages past and offer us models of spiritual stewardship for the present."
- Carl R. Trueman

Order your copy at the Westminster Bookstore