A Transforming Vision

June 27, 2014

The Lord's Prayer as a Lens for Life

Dr. William Edgar, Boyer Chair of Evangelism and Culture, has written a new book: A Transforming Vision: The Lord's Prayer as a Lens for Life.

Publisher's Description: We can be in danger of no longer really understanding the meaning of the Lord's Prayer simply because it is heard and spoken so often. Dr. Edgar illustrates the depth of the prayer as he shows it in the original context, and shows what that means for us today and in the future. The Lord's Prayer defines our faith and defines the Biblical worldview.

"Bill Edgar’s A Transforming Vision unpacks the Lord’s Prayer in order to teach you your faith and change how you pray. To pray is to honestly ask God for something. So say what you mean, and mean what you say. What you ask should be meaningful—thoughtful prayer knows who it is talking to and what it is talking about. And you should mean it when you ask—heart-felt prayer feels the weight of true necessities. Most of us drift, because we aren’t seeing clearly. Our thoughtful words come out sounding dull. Our fervent words pour forth sounding confused. Or our prayers stumble on sounding both dull and confused! A Transforming Vision aims to fill your prayers with the riches of Scripture, so that you will know what you are asking and you will really ask."
- David Powlison, Executive Director, CCEF 

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Watch a 4-part interview with Dr. Edgar on his book: