GAPCK Conference

May 21, 2014

Reformed Heritage and the Future of the Korean Church in Secular Korea

The General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church in Korea (GAPCK) will host its annual conference in Los Angeles, CA, on May 22nd-24th. The conference is held in the United States to commemorate 100 years of American missions to Korea. Rev. Dr. Peter Lillback will be speaking, as well as alumnus Dr. Joel Beeke (Ph.D. '88), Dr. Robert Godfrey, Rev. Paul Washer, and Dr. Paul Kyu Sup Lee.

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Dr. Lillback's lectures include "Reformed Heritage and The Future of Korean Churches" and "What’s Next?"

From GAPCK Moderator, Rev. Myung Hwan Ahn:

"To celebrate the 100 years of mission from North America to Korea, the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church in Korea has planned the pastor's conference in California in May 2014. Please join us as we prayerfully search the Scriptures and our hearts to prepare the future of Korean churches."