Global Reformed Mission

May 10, 2014

For the 21st Century and China

The International Congress of Reformed and Presbyterian Churches (ICRefC), on behalf of Chongshin University and Refo500, has organized an international conference May 11-18, 2014 entitled "Global Reformed Mission for the 21st Century and China," held in Seoul, South Korea. Rev. Dr. Peter Lillback will be one of the keynote speakers. Dr. Lillback's message will be “Global Reformed Mission for the 21st Century and China: From the Perspective of Covenant Theology.” He will also speak at a chapel at Chongshin University and preach at a local church.

Also speaking will be Rev. Youngwood Kim, Dr. Herman Selderhuis, Dr. Roel Kuiper, Dr. Jul Medenblik, Dr. Bong Rin Ro, and Dr. Joseph Shao.

Click here for more information and a schedule of events.