Teaching Overseas

April 28, 2014

Ph.D./Th.M. Roundtable with Bruce McDowell and Jeffrey Jue

Ph.D. and Th.M. students in historical theology and biblical studies are often told that their best chance of finding a faculty position is to teach overseas. The practical side of finding and being placed in overseas teaching positions will be the topic of the next Ph.D./Th.M. roundtable discussion, scheduled for Tuesday, April 29th, 7 – 8 pm in Van Til Hall, Room 2.  

Presenters will be Dr. Bruce McDowell, Minister of Global Outreach at Tenth Presbyterian Church in Philadelphia, and Dr. Jeffrey Jue. They will explore such questions as, What are the options for teaching overseas? Is it best to search for an overseas school on your own, or to serve through an organization? What organizations are the most helpful or successful in placing professors at overseas schools? What are the blessings and difficulties of teaching overseas?

All PhD and ThM students are invited to the roundtable event. Dinner will be served beforehand, from 6-7pm in Machen Lounge (RSVP required for dinner only to  Ph.D. and Th.M. students who live at a distance nationally and internationally are invited to participate through the live conferencing capabilities of room 2, but you must contact the CTW in advance for instructions.