Calvin 500 Tour Winner!

June 16, 2008

This is your Invitation to be part of one of the most significant gatherings of Calvinists in history!

The Calvin 500 Commemorative Tour is an international, interdenominational, and interdisciplinary
celebration of the life and work of John Calvin (b. 1509), who left such an indelible impression on the modern world. Climaxing with the Anniversary Conferences in Geneva, this celebration combines history, spirituality, and culture to recall appropriately the great Genevan Reformer.

Our tour begins in France, the country of Calvin’s birth. Starting off with a three-night stay in the magnificent French capital, aris, we’ll have opportunities to get acquainted with some of the city’s historic churches and world-class museums. We’ll also make excursions to Noyon, the little town here Calvin was born; the amazing Chateau de Versailles; and Orleans, the scenic city where Calvin studied law.

Then, we’ll head for Reims to see its wonderful old cathedral, and we’ll spend a night in Strasbourg. Calvin was exiled here from 1538 to 1541, during which time he pastored a congregation of French refugees

Next, we’ll cross the border into majestic Switzerland and pay a visit to Berne, seat of the Swiss Federal Government. And now for Geneva where we’ll have six nights and five full days to attend
the Anniversary Conferences and get acquainted with the vibrant city that is often called the “Rome of the Protestants.”

We’ll also enjoy a cruise on the lake, an excursion to nearby Lausanne, an opportunity to visit the city’s most important museums, and free time to explore on our own.

Throughout the tour and at the conferences, esteemed leaders, scholars, and ministers will illuminate Calvin’s influence and the cultural, religious, and political impact flowing from his work. If you’ve been looking for a great opportunity to tour Reformation highlights while also learning from some of the finest experts on Calvin, this is the best shot for hundreds of years for hundreds of people to come together!

The Anniversary Conferences include two international symposia taking place during our time in Geneva:

• Running from July 6 through 9, 2009, the Tribute Conference offers stimulating lectures, current research, and well-researched analyses with leading Calvin scholars.

• The Commemorating Calvin Conference is scheduled from July 5 through 9, 2009. For those wishing to appreciate the theology and spirituality of Calvin, this conference with leading ministers will be without parallel.

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Joel Beeke, PhD

Henri Blocher, PhD

Bryan Chapell, PhD

Iain D. Campbell, PhD

R. Scott Clark, D. Phil

Edward Donnelly, PhD

J. Ligon Duncan, PhD

William Edgar, PhD

Olivier Fatio, PhD

Sinclair Ferguson, PhD

Richard Gamble, PhD

W. Robert Godfrey, PhD

Darryl Hart, PhD

Michael Haykin, PhD

Martin Holdt, PhD

Terry L. Johnson, D.Min

Hywel R. Jones, PhD

Douglas Kelly, PhD

Robert Kingdon, PhD

Anthony N.S. Lane, PhD

Steven Lawson, D.Min

Peter Lillback, PhD

Bruce McCormack, PhD

James McGoldrick, PhD

Andrew McGowan, PhD

Hughes Old, PhD

Phillip Ryken, D.Phil

Derek Thomas, PhD

Geoffrey Thomas

Carl Trueman, PhD

John Witte, Jr., PhD

David Wright, PhD

For the complete conference program, visit or contact:

Dr. David W. Hall
Executive Director
Calvin 500
4635 Dallas Highway
Powder Springs, GA 30127