2013: A Year in Review

December 16, 2013

As 2013 comes to a close, we look back on some of the highlights from the past year.

2013 was a year of change in many ways for Westminster Theological Seminary. Two faculty were appointed to endowed chairs while two more left for full-time pastoral ministry. Westminster's bookstore launched a new website, the seminary's smart classroom was built, and its tennis courts renovated.

See below for a recap of some of the highlights of 2013 at Westminster.

Some Highlights from 2013

Top 5 Stories of 2013
  1. 2013 Preaching Conference
  2. Faculty Favorites of 2012
  3. Westminster Sues Government over HHS Regulations
  4. Westminster Theological Journal (Spring issue)
  5. Science and Faith Conference
Top 5 Videos of 2013
  1. Dr. Garner Interviews David Wells, Part 1
  2. Saints and Skeptics, Part 1
  3. Dramatic Recitation: The Book of Jonah
  4. Paul Woolley Chair of Church History
  5. Grace and Peace Community Church
Several faculty members published new books:

Also, Westminster produced a series of booklets by faculty authors entitled Christian Answers to Hard Questions, as well as a series of 10 videos on the Protestant Reformation, entitled The Protestant Revolt. Also, Rev. Dr. Carl Trueman and several alumni contributed to the book From Heaven He Came and Sought Her.

Westminster hosted and sponsored several events:

Also, professors traveled the United States and the world to speak at conferences, attend events, and preach at many churches, in addition to their duties as professors here.

Westminster added many things to its campus and infrastructure: Rev. Rob Edwards and Dr. In Whan Kim were added to our board of trustees, the Westminster Bookstore launched a new website, a smart classroom was built in Van Til Hall with the help of generous donors, we made Westminster apparel available through Land's End Business Outfitters, and we re-designed our alumni E-newsletter. On March 11, Westminster announced today that it has initiated litigation against several federal governmental agencies and their cabinet member secretaries regarding the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services’ Affordable Care Act.

Westminster also lost several key members of its staff and faculty. Carol Ajamian, employee of 26 years, retired on July 15. Also, dean of students and alumni support Rev. John Currie and associate professor of practical theology Rev. Dr. John Leonard (left) both left their roles with the seminary to take on full-time pastoral positions.

Please pray for Westminster as it seeks to continue to train students to serve the global church in 2014 and beyond