Get Real

October 27, 2013

Sharing Your Every Day Faith Every Day

Rev. Dr. John Leonard, associate professor of practical theology, recently wrote a book on evangelism entitled, Get Real: Sharing Your Every Day Faith Every Day.

Publisher's Description: Evangelism gets more real, less awkward.

Instead of an awkward experience, sharing your faith can be a simple, everyday part of life. As you grow in your love for Jesus, sharing him with others will overflow into every conversation. Casual interactions will turn into significant moments that bring the gospel into all your relationships.

Order your copy from the Westminster Bookstore.

“This is a disturbing book. In all the right ways. John Leonard brings his considerable wealth of personal experience, cultural awareness, and biblical savvy to this eminently practical guide. Evangelism in Leonard’s approach is less daunting, less frightening, and less awkward than it needs to be. What is disturbing is that we can no longer hide behind either bombastic boilerplates or timid excuses. What is comforting is that it allows Christ to do all the heavy lifting. If you are looking for the best resource for training in outreach, both personal and corporate, look no further.”
– Dr. William Edgar

“John is a gifted evangelist, which could be intimidating as we watch him in action, but, somehow, he immediately inspired me. As I was reading I got excited about all kinds of conversations up ahead. Being real, listening, and always looking for opportunities for a party—I can do that.”
– Dr. Edward T. Welch

“When is the last time you talked to someone about Jesus? What comes to mind as you think about that question? Guilt? Frustration? Read John Leonard’s Get Real to encourage you to think differently about the people and opportunities Jesus brings into your life. Hear great stories from John’s experience reaching out to Muslims in France and as a church planter in Philadelphia. Read this book if you want to fall in love with the grace and power of the gospel all over again.”
– Dr. Tim Witmer

Order your copy from the Westminster Bookstore.