Christian Answers to Hard Questions

October 26, 2013

New apologetics booklets featuring Westminster faculty.

Westminster Seminary Press in partnership with P and R Publishing Company have produced six booklets in a series entitled Christian Answers to Hard Questions. Westminster faculty who contributed include Drs. Brandon Crowe, Vern Poythress, K. Scott Oliphint, and Gregory Beale. In the coming years, expect more titles to be added to this series.

"Written to equip and strengthen laypeople in their defense of the faith, Christian Answers to Hard Questions challenges contemporary opposition to Christianity with concise, practical answers."

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Christianity and the Role of Philosophy

by K. Scott Oliphint

"A philosophy, as a worldview, must have an anchor if it is to be meaningfully discussed and assessed. If God exists, then philosophy must find its anchor by being subservient to theology.


Christian Interpretations of Genesis 1

Vern S. Poythress

Scholar of science and theology, Vern Poythress, examines which of the contemporary interpretations of Genesis are most consistent with scientific evidence and careful biblical interpretation. He presents the case for young-earth creationism, mature creation, the day-age theory, the analogical-day theory, and the framework hypothesis to see which of them stand up to scrutiny.


Morality of God in the Old Testament

by G. K. Beale

How can God be morally good if he commands apparently evil actions—for example, the extermination of the Canaanites? This booklet explores this important Old Testament topic.


Should You Believe in God?

by K. Scott Oliphint

As society increasingly demonstrates a disbelief in God, what happens when that viewpoint is questioned? In a conversational style, Oliphint discusses why belief is a preferable and more coherent position than unbelief and answers objections to common questions about Christianity.


Was Jesus Really Born of a Virgin?

by Brandon D. Crowe

Why do Christians hold so strongly to Christ’s virgin birth as a significant doctrine? Can it be discarded from its key position in our faith? Crowe looks at seven objections to the virgin birth and investigates the relevant biblical texts.


Creation, Evolution, and Intelligent Design

by Guillermo Gonzalez and Jay W. Richards

What are creationism, evolution, and intelligent design really about? Do they have similar levels of credibility, or has materialism displaced God as the best explanation for our existence? Gonzalez and Richards serve up a guide for the perplexed that shows us the real issues at stake.