Farewell, Rev. Currie

August 24, 2013

Rev. John Currie accepts call to pastorate.

Rev. John Currie, former dean of student development and alumni support, has accepted a call to serve Redeemer OPC in Ada, Michigan. On August 9th, Westminster held a farewell gathering and lunch to honor the man who has served us faithfully for seven years.

John’s connection with Westminster began in 2000 with his enrollment in the M.A.R. program. He began to serve the Seminary as a part-time lecturer in practical theology in 2006 and became a full-time employee in 2009, working with alumni, recruitment, admissions and, most recently, student development.

Please pray for John and Rhonda as they prepare for this important transition in their lives. We look forward to continuing our friendship with him and are grateful for his willingness to continue to support Westminster in various ways, such as serving as alumni representative in Michigan.

Photos from August 9:

Farewell from Sandy Finlayson:

I have had the privilege of having John as my Pastor, work colleague and with Rhonda, very dear friends.  So I’m grateful for the opportunity to be able to say a few words about John today

When I think of John the following points come to mind….

J: Joy.  John and Rhonda have reminded us that the joy of the Lord really is our strength.  Their upbeat approach to life is good for those of us who are often tempted to see our cups of tea as being half empty rather than half full.  We have had many joyful times together which I will always treasure.

O: Openness.  The Curries have been wonderful in opening their lives to many of us over the last few years.  Their example of hospitality is something we can all learn from.

If you will forgive a very personal point, I want to talk for a moment about H: being for Hockey: While we haven’t been able to do it as much recently, it was wonderful to have had another hockey fan to watch games with—without having to explain the rules or answer questions like “what ever happened to that nice glowing puck that Fox Sports once used?”

N: Nimble-Witted:  One of John’s best qualities is his sense of humor.  A sense of humor is critical to life and ministry and John has been blessed with the ability to not take himself too seriously!   Also, if you have never heard his imitations of Sean Connery or Dick Gaffin, you should make sure you do before he leaves us!

C: Commitment.  Whether it was in his multiple roles here at Westminster or as Pastor of Cornerstone church, or serving in an interim capacity to assist other churches, John has modeled commitment for all of us.  Once he has taken up a task he has faithfully thrown himself into it heart and soul.  His desire for excellence is something we have all had a chance to see and learn from.

U: Unequivocal:  Quite simply, John’s commitment to the Christian faith is unequivocal.  He has demonstrated again and again that principle matters and that standing for the Truth is honorable even in the face of difficulty.

R:  Redemptive Preaching:  In a world where preaching doesn’t have the priority it once did, John has modeled redemptive and expository preaching and helped all of us to see the transforming reality of God’s word.  He has given students, and those of us who heard him preach regularly, many insights and we will all miss his unique way of applying the scriptures with power and compassion.

R: Relationships.  John and Rhonda have taught us what it means to experience the grace of God in our relationships with each other.  They have modeled this in their own family and have helped all of us to grow in this area. Now that they have achieved the status of Grandparents they will continue to impact the world through the next generations of Curries.  

I: Inspiration: As Dean of Students and Lecturer here at Westminster John has inspired many students and Alumni to deepen their love for the Lord and commitment to his church.

E: Exit: As you exit for Michigan John, we know that you are following God’s call to preach the gospel and to be a Shepherd Leader. We wish you and Rhonda God’s richest blessing on your move and on the next chapter of your lives.

Please pray for John and Rhonda as they serve the Lord in Ada, MI.