European Leadership Forum

May 24, 2013

With William Edgar

Rev. Dr. William Edgar will be participating in this year's European Leadership Forum. The 2013 Forum will be held from Saturday, May 25th - Thursday, May 30th in the scenic town of Wisła in southern Poland, near the border of Czech Republic. The Forum is an invitation-only congress aimed at spiritually mature evangelical leaders.

Also participating is Westminster alumnus Dr. Wayne Grudem and honorary doctrate recipient Dr. Os Guinness.

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From the Forum website:

The European Leadership Forum is a coalition of evangelical Christian groups seeking to do what no single organisation could do alone: provide a bridge between God’s global resources and local leaders.  

While the work of the Forum takes many forms, its heart is its annual meeting.  Here Forum participants have the opportunity both to connect with like-minded individuals and receive training and encouragement from Forum leaders. Having met Forum leaders, participants determine which of them might be most helpful back in their own countries. Annually, over 350 local, regional, and national events occur as a result of Forum connections.

Dr. Edgar will be speaking at pre- and post-forum seminars on "Serious Conversation from the Western Canon: How Key Texts Still Articulate Where We Are and How We Think," and will lead the advanced track apologetics forum.  He will also speak in a workshop on the following topics:

  • You Asked: Apologetics for Teens
  • Lessons We Can Learn from Francis Schaeffer
  • A Firmly Loving Response to the Gay Narrative
  • Beauty Reconsidered: The Decline and Reemergence of the Aesthetic

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