2012 Science and Faith DVDs

January 24, 2013

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Does modern biology support or undercut human uniqueness? What does it really mean to be "created in the image of God?" And what are the social and ethical implications of our view of the human person?

Explore these vital questions from the 2012 Westminster Conference on Science and Faith.

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Disc 1
  • Pre-Conference: Science, the Bible, and Adam and Eve
    • C. John Collins
  • Pre-Conference: Science, the Bible, and Adam and Eve
    • Denis Lamoureux
  • Worldviews, Science and the Nature of Humanity
    • Vern Poythress
  • Why We Are Not Chimps
    • Richard Sternberg
  • Biblical Principles for Understanding the Brain
    • Ed Welch
Disc 2
  • Engaging Wisely with Psychology
    • Michael Emlet
  • Biblically-Based Evaluation of Views of Adam
    • Vern Poythress
  • The War on Human Exceptionalism
    • John West & wesley Smith
  • Principles for Defending Your Faith
    • Scott Oliphint
Disc 3
  • The Immaterial Genome
    • Richard Sternberg
  • Image of God & Human Uniqueness
    • C. John Collins
  • Arguing for Life in a Culture of Incivility
    • William Edgar
  • Why is Science Possible?
    • Vern Poythress
  • Human Origins and Population Genetics
    • Ann Gauger
Disc 4
  • The Problem of Evil: A Christian Response
    • Scott Oliphint
  • Adamic Eschatology: Dignity & Destiny
    • Dave Garner
  • What Is Wrong with Darwinism
    • Ray Bohlin

4 DVDs | 12 Hours
Recorded April 2012


  • Vern Poythress (WTS)
  • K. Scott Oliphint (WTS)
  • William Edgar (WTS)
  • David Garner (WTS)
  • Edward Welch (CCEF)
  • Michael Emlet (CCEF)
  • C. John Collins (Covenant)
  • Richard Sternberg (Biologist)
  • Ann Gauger (Biologist)
  • Ray Bohlin (Biologist)
  • Denis Lamoureux (Biologist)
  • Wesley J. Smith (Bioethicist)
  • John West (Political Scientist)

    Order your copy from the Westminster Bookstore.