This is Love

November 27, 2012

Tracing the Love of God Throughout the Biblical Story

Westminster alumnus and OPC minister, Rev. Neil Tolsma (M.Div. '65) has recently published a new book on God's love.

Listen to an interview with Rev. Tolsma about his book on Reformed Forum.

Publisher's Description: Many people search all their lives for true love. But before we can find that real, transforming love we all long for and were created by God to need, we must first understand what true love is.

This Is Love directs us to the best authority on the topic, through the example of God himself. Each chapter highlights a significant aspect of God's love as demonstrated in a different period of biblical history and ends with study questions to help us to further our understanding. After learning the character of divine love, we then see how God's love is revealed in our own lives - especially by the love we show to others.

Order your copy at the Westminster Bookstore.

“This gem of a book comes up on you by surprise. The reader soon discovers it is not one more book on love, but a carefully argued, wonderfully illustrated, thoroughly biblical, poetically delivered, user-friendly text on the many contours of God’s love and all that flows from it. Perfect for private devotions or for small-group discussion.”- William Edgar, Professor of Apologetics

“I am happy to recommend Neil's book. There are, of course, thousands of books about love, and many about the love of God. But This is Love is deeply theological as well as pastoral. It deals in a serious way with the question, "What is the love of God according to Scripture? "He understands the problem areas in the biblical doctrine, so he writes on difficult subjects like ’God’s love revealed in his anger.â€Â Neil’s theological position is solidly Reformed.”- Dr. John Frame, Professor of Systematic Theology and Philosophy, Reformed Theological Seminary

Order your copy at the Westminster Bookstore.