October Conferences

October 25, 2012

October is a busy month of conferences for Westminster faculty.  Along with the annual Preaching Conference on campus on the 23d and 24th, there are six other conferences featuring Westminster faculty this month. Faculty and adjuncts participating in these conferences include Drs. Gregory K. Beale, David B. Garner, Tim Lane, K. Scott Oliphint, David Powlison, Vern Poythress, Lane Tipton, Carl Trueman, and Ed Welch.

See below for a list of the conferences happening at the end of this month.

CCEF National Conference: Guilt and Shame

Featuring adjunct faculty Drs. Tim Lane, Julie Lowe, David Powlison, and Ed Welch, as well as Dr. Mark Dever and Randy and Joan Nabors.
When: October 26 through 28
Where: Chattanooga, TN.

Have you ever felt shame? Struggled with a lingering sense of guilt? Do you know someone who wrestles with relentless feelings of inadequacy and self-doubt? Have you ever been treated in such a way that leaves you feeling stained, damaged? This conference aims to understand and speak to guilt and shame through the truth of Scripture, and to equip those who attend with the resources to do the same—in their own lives and the lives of others.

The Spirit and the spirit of the Reformation

Hosted by Banner of Truth Trust

Featuring Rev. Dr. David B. Garner and Dr. Jonathan L. Master.
When: October 26, starting at 7:00pm
Where: Proclamation Presbyterian Church, Bryn Mawr, PA

Science, Evil, and the Environment

Hosted by Shiloh Orthodox Presbyterian Church

Featuring Rev. Dr. K. Scott Oliphint and Dr. James Wanliss
When: October 26 and 27
Where: Pilgrim Presbyterian Church, Raleigh, NC

The 2012 Bolton Conference: Philip's Question (Acts 8:30)

Hosted by the New England Reformed Fellowship

Featuring Rev. Dr. Gregory K. Beale and Rev. Dr. Dale Ralph Davis
When: October 26 and 27
Where: Pleasant Street Christian Reformed Church, Whitinsville, MA

Philip’s question was directed to the Ethiopian eunuch as he returned home from Jerusalem: “Do you understand what you are reading?” His scroll was from Isaiah 53. The man’s answer was revealing: “Well, how could I unless someone guide me?” For many Christians the Old Testament is either neglected or often read piecemeal – one’s favorite story, character study, Psalm, etc. Many pastors seldom preach from the Old Testament and may be puzzled by the way the New Testament quotes and applies the Old. And so basic questions continue to arise: How should we read, understand and apply the Old Testament? And what is the way to approach and benefit best from Old Testament quotes in the New? This year’s conference is devoted to answering both these questions and more. Clearly the Testaments are complementary, but we need the infallible author of all Scripture, God’s Spirit, to illumine and advance our knowledge of how better to understand the Old in light of the New and, perhaps most importantly, to show us how all Scripture is unified in displaying God’s wonderful person and works, especially his plan to bring glory to himself through the marvelous grace of our Lord Jesus Christ to miserable sinners.

Seminary on Saturday

Hosted by Christ Presbyterian church in Nashville, TN

Featuring Rev. Dr. Carl Trueman, speaking on the topic of That Word Above All Earthly Power: Martin Luther, the Bible & the Church Today.
When: October 27
Where: Christ Presbyterian Church, Nashville, TN 

Annual Conference on Reformed Theology: Adam and the Bible

Hosted by Calvary Church of Amwell

Featuring Rev. Dr. Vern Poythress and Rev. Dr. Lane Tipton
When: October 27 and 28
Where: Calvary Church of Amwell, Ringoes, NJ